Themes & Special Sessions

The central theme of this Conference is Innovation to reduce poverty and inequalities for inclusive and sustainable development. Some of the issues to be discussed in the conference include innovation in the health sector in the face of current challenges and opportunities for inclusive and sustainable development and national innovation systems and global value chains to inclusive and sustainable development.

The location of the conference in Cuba will be reflected in the conference. We expect a significant contribution from Cuban scholars studying innovation and development. Cuba has relevant experiences in innovation activities related to health and education; in the development of biotechnology products, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment; in developing agricultural varieties; integrated management systems for agricultural production; development of low cost housing and building materials; management of natural disasters; exploration and extraction of oil; use of heavy oil; distributed energy systems; use of renewable energy, to cite just a few examples.

Conference tracks are:

1. Innovation in the health sector: challenges and opportunities for inclusive and sustainable development.

2. University-Industry relationships and the promotion of learning, innovation, and competence building systems.

3. Education and innovation for inclusive and sustainable development.

4. Indigenous knowledge, informal sector, innovation and development.

5. Work organization, education and economic development.

6. Inclusive innovation, gender and development.

7. Science, technology and innovation policy and politics.

8. Innovation, sustainable development and energy in the South.

9. Financial institutions, intellectual property rights, innovation and development.

10. National and regional innovation systems.

11. Technological infrastructure and technological capabilities.

12. Sectoral innovation systems, industrial policy and development.

13. Trade, FDI, value chains and innovation networks.

14. Innovation, growth and catching-up.

15. Innovation management and entrepreneurship.