Online registration and managing your personal account

Q: What is ConfTool?

ConfTool is quite similar to other conference management systems, so you might compare it with ones you have experienced before. For more in depth information, you could also go to http://www.conftool.net

Q: How do I become a ConfTool user? How can I create a user account on ConfTool?

There is no link on the conference webpage (http://www.conftool.com/globelics2015) because all invited guests will have received an e-mail with a personal link to register. If you have not received it it is possible that the ConfTool e-mail ended up in your e-mail spam filter. Please check that you can receive e-mails from the ConfTool conference management system.

Q: How can I register for the conference?

You need to make a Conftool account to be able to register for the conference.

Q: What is my username or password for log in to the ConfTool system?

If you forget your user name or password you created earlier, please use the function "Forgotten your user name?" or "Forgotten your password?" when trying to log in to your account to receive your login information.

Q: How to receive updates on my new e-mail address as my previous address have been closed?

Please change your email address in the conference system (ConfTool) since all information on logistics etc. is sent via the conference system.

Registration for participation

A detailed registration-guide can be found here: www.globelics.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/globelics_payment.pdf

Q: What is my "personal registration code"? I have tried many times using my registration number (12345).

Q: I am having difficulty registering as a participant due to the code required on the form. Where can I get this code? The numbers assigned to me do not seem to serve as codes?

Your personal registration code was sent to you with the “invitation to register” mail. It is necessary for you to be able to register within your participant category. Should you encounter any problems, please consider using another browser or clean the cache (and cookies) of your browser.

If you are the co-author that is going to present but the submitting author received the registration code, please create a user account in ConfTool and contact havana2015@globelics.org

Q: I am trying to register for the conference. However you have not issued me a personal registration code. I am not the presenting author.

Q: I am the co-author of contribution xxx. Can I register for the conference?

As a non-presenting author or participant without presentation you can register without a personal code. Just select the “participant without presentation” category when registering. For this category you DO NOT need a personal registration code. Details on the fee structure can be found on the conference homepage: http://2015.globelics.org/fee-and-registration.

Note that you will have to arrange and pay your accommodation in Havana.

Q: As I am a presenting author, Globelics will take care of hotel booking. My spouse is coming with me and I would like to be sure that my booking includes two people. Where should I specify it during the registration process?

You are welcome to register your spouse as “accompanying guest” (100EUR), which will allow him/her to participate in the welcome reception, conference dinner and cultural event, however not in the scientific program.

The fee for an accompanying guest does not include extra costs related to the accommodation. The payment for an extra person in the room has to be handled with the hotel. We will inform you about the hotel in which you will be staying by the 20th of August.

Q: I would like to change the presenting author for my contribution.

Please ask the NEW presenter to create a user account (http://www.conftool.com/globelics2015) and contact havana2015@globelics.org, so we can change the presenting author details.

Please note that the new presenting author will only be allowed to present ONE paper during the conference.

Also please note that accommodation will also be granted to the presented author ONLY.

Q: My paper was accepted for a poster presentation. May I do the registration as a non-presenting author or participant without presentation ?

You must register as "participant without presentation".


Q: My university will pay the corresponding fees for my registration. Please advise on how to proceed.

Your university is very welcome to cover your costs.

Please advise your institution to make the payment through the Solways portal (eventos@solways.com), once you have registered on ConfTool.

Q: Will it be possible to pay with bank transfer because I do not hold an international credit card?

Yes. Please contact Solways (eventos@solways.com) to obtain the transfer-details.

Q: Is there a fee to be paid as a paper presenter? I have been to Globelics events before without paying a fee and now the system requests me to pay a fee. Could you please confirm that this is the case?

Yes. There is a registration fee for ALL participants. Please check the conference website for details: http://2015.globelics.org

Please look carefully into the countries classification and participant categories for how much fee you are required to pay.

Q: I was told to pay registration fee as a senior presenting author even though I am a PhD student?

Please make sure you have stated your status correctly in your account. In case of wrong status displayed during the registration process, please contact havana2015@globelics.org to obtain new registration credentials.

Q: Is the accommodation covered as well?

As presenting author of a paper you will be provided with local hospitality for three nights.

Presenting authors of a poster will have to organise and pay for their own accommodation.

Please find a lot of relevant practical information on the conference webpage - it is continually updated.

Q: I was accepted to present a poster. Will you organise my hotel?

No, presenting authors of a poster will have to organise and pay their own accommodation. The easiest is if you book an accommodation through a travel agency in your country.

Q: I am a presenting author for oral presentation and I saw that there will be a group reservation in a hotel. Do you have an estimate of the fares? What will be the dates of this reservation?

Regarding to the hotel reservation, ONLY Authors of accepted PAPERS (NOT POSTERS)  may contact Ing. Caridad Sagó at Havanatur Travel Agency at her e-mail address sago@havanatur.cu

Travel Support

Q: I have been awarded travel support. What should I do next?

When you receive a mail on your registration with your personal registration code, you register in ConfTool and pay the fee.

You purchase your own airplane ticket and will be able to get reimbursed after the conference if and when you comply with the reimbursement conditions, at a maximum of the amount stated in your notification e-mail. You will find detailed information on the reimbursement procedure on the conference webpage.

Q: I cannot pay for my air ticket in advance. Is there another solution?

Unfortunately Globelics Secretariat cannot issue prepaid tickets.

Final papers & Programme

Q: I have submitted a paper online for the conference. I would like to ask you how to replace it with a newer version of the paper. I wonder whether I could replace the old version with the newer one automatically?

Yes, you can upload a final version of your paper (also poster presenters) if your paper is accepted for the conference. ConfTool Main Menu -> Your Submissions -> Upload Final.

Q: What time does the conference begin on the 23rd of September and what time does it ends in the 25th of September? This is important for purchasing the airplane tickets.

It will be starting on September 23rd at 9:00 AM and finishing on September 25th at 3:30 PM.

Q: When can I see the programme?

The final programme will be ready in the first weeks of September. An overview schedule will be online at the conference homepage soon.

Logistics, invitation letters and visa

Q: Which visa should I get to travel to Cuba?

Ask for a tourist visa and not a business or academic visa. These tourist cards can be bought from travel agencies that offer Cuba travel, not only the embassy. You can stay for 30 days in Cuba.

Q: Could Globelics send us letter of invitation to enable us take part in this conference.

All authors and (ConfTool registered) co-authors of accepted contributions can now access (informal) confirmation letters in the system that can be used as a prove for the author's University/Organisation.

Formal invitation letters for visa purpose will be available (to authors and participants without presentation) upon completed registration and payment. Please complete all necessary data (Passport number, date of birth, date of arrival and departure) under "Edit User Account Details".

Under "Accommodation Address" ONLY Authors of accepted PAPERS (NOT POSTERS) can enter: "Havanatur group booking at Hotel Nacional, Capri and Palco, Havana". We will inform you about the hotel in which you will be staying by the 20th of August, so you will be able to update your information and the letter if necessary.

Q: I need the original invitation letter, stamped and signed (hard copy). What to do?

Normally we only send electronic invitation letters. These are digitally signed and protected PDF’s. Please ask your University/Organisation if they could accept the document if it is sent from the local organisers (Ministry of Higher Education) directly. If you still want to receive a hard copy of the invitation letter, we might exceptionally ask the local organisers in Cuba to send you the hard copy, but you should agree to pay for the postal cost and guarantees for arrival (in time) of the letter cannot be given.

Q: I wish to update information about my departure date and edit my status information - participant data from e-conference account. How can I do that? 

Please, update these under “Edit User Account Details”

Q: I am a presenting author and would like to extend my stay at hotel after the end of the conference. How can I extend the original booking by 3 additional nights and who should I write to get such an extension and to know the price? (Additional costs will be covered by my own funds.)

You are welcome to book a room through a travel agency in your country. If you want to extend in the same hotel as during the conference, please wait until we announce in which of the three Hotels you will be living. We will then provide you with direct contact details to the hotels.

Q: Will there be transportation from and back to the airport?

Yes. We will inform you about logistics-details latest one week before the conference. 


Q: Can I get a certificate for reviewing for Globelics?

Yes, thanks once again for helping us. We will be sending certificates to all reviewers very soon.

Q: Do you have format for preparing poster presentation (size,font etc.)? 

Do we need to carry poster printouts to the conference or can we take print outs there in the conference?

Poster presenters will prepare a display of their work (max. 0.8x1.2 meters. This equals roughly 12 A4-sheets of standard paper).
Poster presenters must be PRE-PRINTED for presenting their work and answering questions during the poster sessions.

Ideally a poster will provide information on:
- Title of the paper
- Name and contact information for the author(s)
- Research question/aim of the paper
- Presentation of the theoretical framing
- Presentation of data (if empirical paper)
- Presentation of main findings, including possible theoretical and policy implications
- A list of main references
- The use of graphics and colors is encouraged
- Type-fonts similar to slide presentations should be used to enhance readability (a poster is not just a copy of the paper).
A poster must grab the viewer’s attention and quickly communicate its ideas and relevance. Keep in mind that people are standing at some distance, thus large fonts will draw attention. Hard copies of the paper should be available for interested colleagues. 
Boards to fasten the poster to will be available in the poster area.